Chloe Davis

Birth Place: United Kingdom

6'2" modern day Glamazon Chloe Davis is ready to rumble and pin you down! Currently the tallest female pornstar in the UK, Queen Chloe uses her imposing frame to her advantage to dominate men to their delight. Schooled in wrestling and MMA, Chloe's strong limbs can bend you into a pretzel, but her most effective maneuver is the liplock! A ginger goddess with fiery passion inside of her, Chloe's big tits and sweet ass are made all the more beautiful with the gorgeous tattoos inked on her porcelain skin. When she isn't slamming fools in the ring or seducing them in the sheets, Chloe is an avid gamer and can work the joysticks like a pro! Ready to step into the ring with one of the UK's most beautifully dangerous grapplers? See if you can last more than three rounds with Chloe Davis!

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